How does Auto Shipping Work?

Once your shipment has been Booked, we schedule a pick up time and make a delivery plan based on our trucks availability. Upon pick up, the driver will go through a detailed physical inspection of the exterior of your vehicle. This same process will happen upon delivery so you can ensure your vehicle arrives in the same condition. Due to the size of our carriers, it is not possible to access some addresses. If this is the case you may need to meet the driver at a more accessible location, such as a nearby shopping area. This arrangement will be agreed upon during the scheduling process.

How to I pay for my Shipment?

The total cost will be split into two separate payments. The first payment is a deposit charged to a credit card, which we run after the vehicle has been picked up. For the deposit we will accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The remaining balance is due when your vehicle is delivered. This payment will need to be in the form of certified funds (certified checks, money orders or cash). Since we do not charge the credit card until after the vehicle is in transit there are no up front fees.

How far in advance should I book my shipment?

We recommend booking your shipment at least 1 week in advance. We can accommodate expedited or even same day requests, but in order to ensure your shipment is completed on time, at least 1 week is highly suggested.

What type of Equipment is used?

There are a few different Equipment options depending on your needs:

Open Trailer: For this service our auto movers load your vehicle onto an open transport carrier with other vehicles. We use the same type of vehicle carriers that deliver new vehicles to the dealerships. Due to their size, the carrier may not be able to access your specific address either upon pickup or drop off; however, the carrier will meet you as close to your pickup/drop off location as possible.

Enclosed Trailer: For this service the vehicle is loaded into a fully enclosed trailer. This type of shipping is recommended for antique, or high-valued vehicles for the added protection it offers. Unlike an open trailer, your vehicle is protected from the outside elements and road debris. We also recommend enclosed shipping for vehicles with low ground clearance. Most enclosed carriers utilize a lift gate loading system, which is designed for extreme low clearance vehicles.

Overseas: Your vehicle is transported to the coast in one of the above options, where it is loaded onto a vehicle carrier ship and shipped to your destination. Because of customs and docking delays, we cannot guarantee specific delivery schedules on overseas deliveries. Overseas deliveries have more specific requirements; please see Shipping Tips for the best overseas shipping practices.

Will my vehicle be loaded and reloaded?

We prefer to avoid loading and reloading whenever possible. Loading/unloading can add time and cost to your shipment. For these reasons we prefer to have the actual truck that will be shipping your car perform the pickup and delivery. However, there are times when unloading/loading can be beneficial. A good example would be, if you need a guarantee that your vehicle will pick up on a specific day.

Is shipping my vehicle cheaper than driving it myself?

Shipping your car can actually be less expensive than driving it yourself. However, once all the costs that are generally overlooked are added in to the cost of driving the vehicle, like spending every night in a hotel, eating at restaurants or buying gas station food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and the wear and tear your vehicle incurs, using automobile transport actually turns out to be a comparable choice.

How do I ship my vehicle internationally?

Simply place a call to one of MC Logistics shipping experts is all you need to do. Our knowledgeable staff can handle everything from helping prepare the proper documentation and the timing of the transports to coordinating the door-to-door service.